We were primarily relying on a conventional property management system to handle the hotels’ operations. However, in an increasingly competitive marketplace, the system lacked the advanced capabilities necessary for effective and dynamic revenue optimisation.


Leroy Suites Albany, New Zealand 

Customer Overview:

The Leroy Suites Albany is part of a small group of three boutique hotels that comprise the Leroy Group in NZ. It is centrally located on Auckland’s’ North Shore and has sixty-four air-conditioned luxury rooms. This 4.5-star hotel has a fitness centre, and is located close to some of Auckland’s key attractions: North Harbour Stadium, Massey University and Westfield Albany Shopping Centre.entre.


Recognising the limitations of time and staff resources in relation to the ongoing task of optimising pricing decisions, the key revenue decisions makers at the property decided that they needed a more efficient, less labour intensive and more sustainable way of optimising revenue and occupancy rates to stay competitive.

They turned to a team of clever international software developers and briefed them to come up with an innovative software that might be the answer to achieving this. After many months of consultation and testing, the developers successfully produced a piece of proprietary software that they believed might not only suit the needs of the group, but which could also be marketed on a commercial basis.

Building on the success achieved at The Twin Peaks Lakeside Motor Inn, and following comprehensive testing that revealed impressive outcomes, the clear potential for scalability of the software emerged. As a result, the decision was made to evaluate its effectiveness at one of the group’s larger hotel establishments – Leroy Suites.


Capitalising on the achievements witnessed at the Twin Peaks property, the developers held a strong belief in the potential of their software solution, dubbed ‘Hotel RevBoost’. They were confident that this solution could unlock even more extensive opportunities for revenue enhancement, particularly for the larger property within the group – Leroy Suites Albany in Auckland, New Zealand.

The software platform passed its initial trial with flying colours, convincing the founders of the company that, by leveraging AI-powered technology and machine learning, they had a viable and marketable product/solution that could streamline pricing strategy and alleviate many of the pain points that Revenue Managers often complained about.

Results and Benefits

1. Leveraging the solution, Leroy Suites Albany achieved an impressive 19% increase in revenue within the initial 12-month adoption period

2. The average daily rate increased by approximately 10% and this led to a recorded 10% increase in occupancy rates

3. The software’s ability to dynamically optimise pricing strategies led to a surge in booking numbers, effectively unlocking the full revenue potential of the hotel’s rooms

4. The platform’s ability to provide real-time updates and AI-powered insights, equipped the hotel to swiftly respond to market shifts and pricing fluctuations, thus enabling them to maintain a competitive edge

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“Hotel RevBoost became more than just another useful business tool,

We were primarily relying on a conventional property management system