What exactly is
Hotel RevBoost?

With the capability to perform millions of price calculations daily, using historical data, predictive analytics and competitor intelligence the Hotel RevBoost platform, leverages AI and machine learning to automatically calculate, adjust and optimise both room rates. Leveraging the enormous power of AI, hotels using the platform are able maximise their RevPAR and optimise their revenue bottom-line.

Hotel RevBoost Key Features

Maximising Revenue with
Real-Time Price Optimisation

In today’s fast-paced hospitality industry, hotels need to update room prices frequently to capture maximum revenue opportunities. Hotel RevBoost is a Revenue Management System (RMS) that enables automated real-time price optimisation.

Higher Revenue Per
Available Room (RevPAR)

Streamline the revenue management process by harnessing the power of AI and advanced machine learning. It enables businesses to analyse real-time data and market trends, optimise Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR) and drive profitability.

Competitive Intelligence

Automatically adjusts your rates based on market demand and occupancy rates and not forgetting historical and predictive competitor intelligence.

Hotel RevBoost Dashboard - Your Central Data and Predictive Analytics Hub

It provides users with a raft of easy-to-understand information and offers users a real-time view of their revenue data ‘at-a-glance’. The dashboard’s intuitive interface enables businesses to quickly assess their hotel’s financial health and make more informed decisions.

Hotel RevBoost Calendar

The calendar offers a comprehensive view of inventory’s status, combining insights on rates, market demand, and on-the-books (OTB) occupancy. It facilitates revenue planning, event tracking, and demand forecasting with a visual representation of revenue-related activities.

Analysing Revenue Performance by Time Segments

It allows a comprehensive granular analysis so Revenue Managers can tailor revenue strategies to specific time periods, and segment revenue data based on those intervals. By correlating revenue data with demand patterns, it provides insights into which time segments experience higher demand and consequently, higher revenue potential.

Comprehensive Performance Metrics

The system calculates performance metrics, such as total revenue, average transaction value, occupancy rates, conversion rates, and more, specifically for each time segment. This can of course be customised to suit.

Revenue Pickup - Ensuring Precision Decision Making

Revenue optimisation is achieved through the platform’s ability to ‘Pickup’ and automatically analyse historical and real-time revenue data. It provides an overview of revenue performance leading to accurate demand analysis on pricing, promotions, and inventory management. It can also calculate ‘Pickup Velocity’ – the rate at which reservations are being made, enabling businesses to identify trends and anomalies.

Revenue Management Strategy Flow

Utilising AI algorithms to analyse historical data and identify reccurring patterns, trends, and anomalies in revenue generation, the ‘Revenue management Strategy Flow’ feature can easily correlate revenue patterns with external factors like holidays, local events, or market trends to help hoteliers understand their impact on demand and revenue.

Streamline Pricing Management
with Customisable Controls

Hotel RevBoost can identify potential areas for growth within your business and provides predictive intelligence and recommendations to refine pricing to suit prevailing market conditions. Take complete control at any time and accept or reject the AI’s recommendations to suit your hotel’s revenue strategy. Seamlessly integrate approved pricing actions into your Property Management System (PMS) or leave it to the AI engine to decide for you. Precise pricing control empowers you to establish a framework that tailors price recommendations to your property, brand, and market. These controls include price hierarchies and overrides, allowing you to shape the algorithm’s output to suit your specific needs. Hotel RevBoost simplifies the process by allowing you to select multiple dates and update them simultaneously.

Unleash the Power of Anticipatory Analytics

Forecast demand with the utilisation of Hotel RevBoost’s future demand data and gain a competitive advantage by understanding traveller intent. This empowers businesses to offer the right rate and enticing offers at the right time in the prevailing demand environment.

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