Our story begins with a hotel chain driven by a passion for excellence and a vision

To revolutionise the revenue management aspects of the hotel/ hospitality industry. Having spent years immersed in the world of hospitality and hotels, the two founders of the Leroy Group of hotels in NZ keenly observed a pressing need for a dynamic and effective way of optimising room pricing strategy.

Their objective was to maximise the revenue for the groups three hotels by developing an innovative software based platform that could achieve the same result for hotels of any size.

Owning a small motel on the tranquil shores of a New Zealand lakeside town, our founders knew the challenges faced by hoteliers in relation to allocating time for revenue management amidst a myriad of other daily responsibilities. Recognising the limitations in manually optimising pricing, a spark of inspiration was born – a visionary concept that dared to challenge the conventional limits of revenue management, harnessing the exponential power of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

Testing the solution at two of the Groups own hotel properties, as revenue surged, they found that the software seamlessly navigated the intricate terrain of pricing. By automatically taking account of current market conditions along with a myriad of other predictive analytics, this enabled the businesses Revenue Managers to be unburdened of the task of constant manual price adjustment.

Fuelling this vision, the Leroy Group’s owners reached out to a talented team of developers. Together, they crafted a groundbreaking software solution called Hotel RevBoost that leveraged the enormous potential of AI to deliver unmatched pricing insights.

Witnessing this transformative success, the idea for commercialising Intellisoftware’s Hotel RevBoost platform was born.

The name Intellisoftware tells the tale of our capabilities. ‘Intelli’ symbolises the intelligence of AI and machine learning that drives our software business, and ‘software’ is the foundation that empowers hotels to unlock their revenue potential. Hotel RevBoost speaks for itself – a spark of revolutionary thinking designed to propel hotels into the stratosphere.

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